High Quality Prototype Machining with Quick Responce Serivces

 The strength of our DAISHIN SEIKI are,

  1. Elite and experienced machining specialists
  2. Over 50 years of machining know-how
  3. High-end machining, milling and turning devices
  4. The soul of monozukuri, a Japanese craftsmanship.

Our sophisticated machining technologies are used in components for the world's highest level auto-racing industries, fighting if out over 0.01 second.

Now, developing these technologies, we add extra-value creating finest prototyes and components for

  1. Next generation auto-mobile and auto-racing industries
  2. Aerospace organizations

Our engineer's honor, pride and abundant curiosity leads to new challenges and meet requests in worldwide

We also support various manufacturing services, using our elite company networks.

DAISHIN always aiming for "All Development Support Company"

Quality Controll

Strict Quality Controll and inspection makes DAISHIN Credibility

We have quality assurance for each of our thousands of components and prototypes every year. We do not allow loss or defects.

At DAISHIN SEIKI, quality controll and machining are operated by different staff.

Staff are experienced and trained to keep strict quality control and inspection.

In the inspection room, the temperature is controlled within 20 ℃ ± 1 ℃ full day. High accurate mesuring devices such as coordinate mesuring machine from Carl Zeiss and Cylinder guage from DIATEST are used. Well trained and experienced quality controll staff makes certain security of DAISHIN. Temporary calibration scheduled to make the stable mesurements.

Whatever, quality is made at point of production. Quality controll section adds promises of certain quality and assurance.

Our inspection expert's keen eye to find minute defects plus, machining expert's pride for high-quality works creates DAISHIN's fine components and products.

The prototyes pass through this strict quality inspection process can be certified as DAISHIN SEIKI brand.